1. I was looking for a white with big red polka dots for the contrast, but was happy when I found this floral.

  1. I may know my around a sewing machine, but a computer – not so much. I did add text to my post but it somehow didn’t appear???
    Anyway, this is Butterick 4790, with a couple variations. The overskirt goes straight down the front, but doesn’t look like that on the pattern cover illustration. I angled the front edges slightly so that I would get a peek of the underskirt.
    I also cut the shoulders narrower, and then even added a couple tucks to bring them in more. With my – let’s say curvy – figure, I didn’t need more width added up top.
    Another change I made was to make fabric loops for the buttons in the front. It calls for snaps, and then just sewing the buttons on the front. I wasn’t sure snaps would hold securely enough for me. The only thing about this decision is that in matching the center front, the loops go over a bit, placing the buttons slightly off center. I still haven’t decided if I should change this or not. Opinions?

    Thank you all for your sweet comments!

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