And the winner is…

July 4, 2012

It’s time to pick the winner for our Sew Iconic giveaway. Drumroll please…

Congratulations Pat! Check your email for a message from me. Commiserations to the entrants who didn’t win. There’s always next time!


Happy 4th of July to our American readers, and a funny story for everyone else: during my first 4th of July in America, someone asked me in complete seriousness how we celebrated Independence Day in England.

I told him everyone goes outside, faces west, and sticks their tongue out 😉 He didn’t get it.

  1. Oh, don’t tell me someone was stupid enough to think that the Fourth of July is celebrated in England!!

    Though when we stop teaching history in our public school system, I don’t know what else we expect.

    Still, that is excruciatingly lacking in wits and brainwaves! What a thought!

  2. Things like that must make England’s attitude toward the American colonies: “Thank goodness we got rid of that load of dead weight!”

    But I loved your comeback.

  3. Makes me giggle to know that the Canadians aren’t the only ones teasing the silly Americans.

    Congrats to Pat. I entered, but was so enthralled with the book I went and purchased a copy. Teehee.

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