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1956 Vogue wrap skirt

July 27, 2012
Vogue 3926

I recently sewed this incredibly easy fitted skirt from a 1956 Vogue pattern I’ve had in my stash for over a year. The pattern is actually one single piece of cloth shaped by darts and folds.

just one piece (plus the facing)

There is a second piece of facing at the waist, as well. One of the best things about it is that you can make small adjustments just by moving the buttons over or closer to the edge, whichever you need. This pattern was a size or two too large for me, but in the end it didn’t matter because I simply moved the buttons over.

I’d definitely sew this one again, maybe with some kind of heavy black taffeta, and using ties instead of buttons. I’m envisioning bows in black velvet down one side. Too much?

  1. That’s exactly what I love about vintage – SIMPLICITY! I have made pattern myself following photo with similar skirt/dress. It is just wonderful.
    Your skirt (and you in this skirt) looks fabulous!

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