So Nice and Cool

July 3, 2012

I made this dress back in March of 2010 and only realized this weekend when I decided to wear it that it has been unblogged and largely unloved. Well no more!

Complete with Midriff Baring Action!

It’s made from a gorgeous vintage rayon material. The hand of the fabric is oh so fabulous and it’s so cool to wear on these crazy hot summer days we’ve been having. We’ve had temps over 100F when the average for this time of year is mid-eighties! Yowza! I love the bold floral print as it’s very eye catching and goes great with red accessories.

Anyway, I sewed it up using this McCall’s pattern from the mid-Forties. Isn’t it darling?

I omitted the bow tie back bit as I thought it would make the whole look a bit fussy but other than that, there were no major modifications made. It is only recently that I’ve discovered that I’m short waisted, so the top bags a bit around the midriff so one day I may pick that apart and shorten it so it will be nice and smooth.

I recently wore this dress for a jaunt to Indianapolis and though the temps were soaring, I was nice and cool. And I thought I looked it too 🙂

And here is a shot of the back for anyone who would like to know what that looks like.

Thanks for letting me share! Stay cool everyone!


  1. Wow, this is adorable! I can’t believe that it’s a dress, rather than a two piece outfit. It looks like you’ll be getting a lot of wear out it this summer.

  2. Absolutely darling! I can see you making this in other cute prints. The dress is so cute on you.

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