Vintage Singer 503 Sewing machine

June 29, 2012

If you’re like me you’re a sucker for Vintage appliances. Of course, the appliances I love the most are Sewing Machines.

This morning I came across a Singer 503 tucked away in a closet at an Estate Sale. It was even in the original case! <3 Singer 500 cases tend to be hard to find, I think, because they were typically put in sewing tables upon original purchase.

Anyway, the machine was a little dirty, but with a little elbow grease she cleaned right up and Sews, well, like a Singer sewing machine. Tee hee.

To read a little more about this beauty come on over to my blog! I hope to see you there!

  1. Hey there, what a great find… I had to see more so I visited your blog, but could not post a comment (I don’t have any of the relevant accounts) 🙁 I recently found a Singer Knitting Machine in an op shop, for $60NZ.. like your sewing machine, excellent condition, it came with it’s manual, pattern cards, complete in it’s box.. now I need to learn about knitting machines, heh.

    I use a Bernina sewing machine, and am not too familiar with Singers.

    Here’s my post about the machine:


  2. Awesome! I knit the old fashion way so I wouldn’t be of any help with the knitting machine.

    I think I used a Bernina once, but I still to my old Singers (the newer ones are made in China aren’t very good). If you find an old Singer particularly one that is a 400 or 500 series for cheap I suggest getting it! They all sew awesome 😉

    1. Trial and error mostly, but there are some great sites out there with direction on each machine. Just search for which one you are looking for, but it’s really not difficult. I think I have refurbed around 200 machines at this point 😉

  3. What a wonderful find! That’s the machine I learned to sew on when I was a little girl. My mom still has it and it’s still sewing. I myself have a Singer 401 which is almost as nice as the 500.


    1. I have had all the 400 and 500 series machines with the exception of a few of the German models. The 401 is great. Did you know the only difference between a 401 and a 600E is the exterior and bobbin mechanism? I have my Grandmother’s 600E and I really love it. It’s one of the very last all medal gear machines that Singer made.

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