Simplicity film from 1948

June 15, 2012

If you’re a facebook fan of WeSewRetro, you’ll already know about this video, but I wanted to make sure the rest of us didn’t miss out. You will LOVE this 1948 video by Simplicity. It’s part educational, part sewing-propaganda and all awesome.

Annoyingly I can’t embed the video, so click the picture to watch it on YouTube.


Kudos to Mrs Bee for finding it and sharing it on our Facebook page.

  1. I loved this! Bettie’s finished dress was lovely! “everywhere sewing machines are humming”- I am glad the still are! “happy sewing to you all!”

  2. ohhh i almost feel famous 🙂 ‘sew’ glad you like it .
    I was thinking of using it in my workroom induction next term (semester ) with my BA Costume design students in the UK….:)
    p.s. wouldn’t it be lovely to have someone to fit on hand when ever you needed it ?

  3. I love this! And, I totally have that book she’s referencing, which makes it extra fun for me. 🙂 I think I need magical pattern helpers that appear whenever I need someone to pin a dart in back, or mark a hem, etc. – that would be awesome!

  4. Thanks for this! I loved it! I didn’t know the peasant look was so super trendy, I have that blouse pattern Betty was wearing and now I have to make it with a dirndle skirt and big brown belt.

  5. Thank you – this 40’s style lover was almost drooling on her keyboard watching!!! Now have extra incentive to do the lightly gathered wrap skirt, which was part of the sun outfit. Easily done without a pattern, and it’ll double as a cover-up, which I hadn’t thought of!

  6. I am still deciding if i can get away with a gypsy blouse at my age …i have just
    found the most fabulous red and white tiny polka dot lawn with embroided red
    wheels or buttons or spots on it ….i’ve bought the fabric anyway so we’ll see 🙂

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