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Modern Retro Simplicity 1803

June 22, 2012

Forgive me this is not a vintage pattern nor is it vintage print but the moment I put on this dress it reminded me of the style of dress one would see in Mad Men.  The first thing my husband said about it was, “You look like one of those ladies off that show you watch all the time (Mad Men), the skirt sits up high like those dresses they wear.”   He’s so funny.  So I thought I would share it with you as I am rather proud of myself for finally completing it.

Love the keyhole neckline
The back is my favorite part.
You can see more details on my blog.  My next project will be my first vintage pattern I purchased from ErikawithaK’s etsy shop.  I just love her shop by the way.  I’m going for the one in the middle…so cute and unique.
1960’s Simplicity
Looks fairly easy so it shouldn’t take me to long to make.  Look forward to sharing it with you all. 
  1. I think it’s really cute and looks vintage without looking like a costume – very wearable! Looks comfortable and easy to move in too. By the way, the “new” vintage pattern you are about to try out – my mother made the Empire waist long bell sleeve version for my sister and me when it was actually new (uh-oh, I’m dating myself). I still have a blue voile version trimmed with very fine gold metallic – and it still looks fresh and modern. I just have to lose 10 pounds and it will fit me again too – except as a tunic because I’m past the point of wearing that short of a mini. I recall my mom loving the pattern, and it must have been easy because she made quite a few versions of it. And it was flattering too – I have some photos of my sister wearing hers and she looked really pretty. Have fun!

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