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McCalls 5263 (1959) “Short Shorts”

June 20, 2012
I chose the "short shorts"

I decided to give these shorts a go, since I’ve always loved the look of high waisted shorts but don’t actually own any! Im usually NOT a shorts person, but these have converted me! They were easy to sew up & came together quite quickly (which i know we all love!).

I chose the "short shorts"

I chose a light weight wool in dark brown that i had laying around & even added a personal touch by hand embroidering a little bow design on the waistband!

Here are some photos of the finished product! Im quite happy with how they came out & it just so happened to be a nice warm day here in Berkeley…perfect for my new shorts’ debut!!

My Finished Shorts!

close up photo of the color & embroidery

my little hand embroidered bow!

I highly recommend these shorts to all of you gals who are looking for nice summer patterns…they’re great!


  1. Great job ! and that bow detail is so cute! I am planning to do some shorts like that, I don’t have a vintage pattern, but as I sewed some pants for my mom and are highweisted so I am gonna use them as my pattern

  2. TOO CUTE! I’ve always wanted something like that, but can’t find them in store. I’ve recently started to sew so I will keep an eye for that pattern! Would you consider it easy enough for beginners?

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Yes, i think you could handle this as a beginner…nothing too tricky. there is a side zipper & pocket on the other side seam, but the instructions are very clear. i say you go for it, the best way to learn is by doing!

  4. I’ve sold this pattern a couple of times, but always thought it was a bit blah. I’m happy to say you’ve totally proved me wrong – those shorts came out wonderfully. The bow detail is absolutely perfect.

  5. Super CUTE! It’s good to know these are easy to make and way cuter in real life than on the pattern cover. I’m procrastinating on making myself shorts. But I am running out of pants to wear so I better get busy.

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