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Green Dot Delight with Butterick 7162

June 18, 2012

Welcome! This is my first blog post! I am so excited to be able to be a part of something as amazing as WeSewRetro. It’s nice to be able to talk sewing and ooh and aww over patterns and fabric with people who also enjoy it instead of boring my brothers and the local ranchers when they ask how I am doing…

My first Retro project is The Green Dot Top

The Finished Top!

The green circles called my name from the pile of scraps they peeked out of. I bought the whole pile and rescued the lovely silky soft fabric. After a good wash and press it was ready to be turned into something wonderful! Alas, there was not very much of it so I had to do some pattern layout fudging once I finally found a pattern that would fit on what I had.

Butterick 7162 view C To the rescue!

My New Favorite Pattern!

I removed the button front but still had to sew a seam up the front due to my fabric restrictions. I wanted a loose flowing summery look so I removed the collar, and took out the vertical bust darts, for a more free flowing look. Actually I wanted to take out all the vertical darts but after the first fitting looked like I was wearing a sack I added the back vertical darts according to the pattern. The armholes were finished with bias binding so no facings to deal with.
My friend had just bought a new sewing machine with all those fancy embroidery stitches so after a crash course in using a very computerized machine and figuring out stabilizers we did this great green circle stitch.

Fun stitching.

After that it was sewing buttons and button holes, hand stitching the inside of the yoke and throwing a very small and quick hem in.
I loved working with this pattern! I don’t know if it was because it was a vintage pattern in my size or just a very well written one but it fit me exactly right with no alterations. Have you noticed this in your vintage sewing? Do the older patterns have more accurate measurements?

I wore this several times with and without the skirt while visiting family back east. It’s perfect!

Thanks for reading! Emily

  1. Welcome from another green fabric-loving vintage pattern lover! Adore your pattern, and am so impressed with the green circle stitching you top-stitched with. What a good idea!

    Yes, I think you’re right about pattern sizing. Didn’t the companies change everything at some point – 1980’s maybe?

    1. I’ve made up patterns (so far) from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s/60s – the standard body measurements given were different for each decade.

      I suspect it’s just a question of finding out which era’s fit happens to coincide with your own.

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