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June 17, 2012

A while ago I wrote about the blouses I wanted to make using one basic pattern. This is the 4th blouse I made out of it. Because I don’t have any skirts to match the blouse I decided to sew a skirt as well.

I changed quite a lot about the basic blouse pattern. I added puffed sleeves. At first I wanted to use the sleeves of the Boudoir Dress but of course I decided to do something else. Well I still used the pattern of the sleeves but altered it. The sleeve has originally a yoke. Around the yoke and at the top of the sleeve you gather the fabric to create volume. I liked this amount of volume but this time I wanted to make pleats, lots of pleats! The top of the sleeve has 4 pleats, the bottom has 6 pleats. 

 I drafted a peter pan collar. This was actually the first time. But with some help of Hillary Campbell’s book (which I bought much cheaper) I managed to draft a peter pan collar. 

 The other blouses have a seperate piece of fabric for the buttons and buttonholes. This time I didn’t want to add a seperate piece. I changed the pattern by adding ca. 3 inches to the center front.

I also used the skirt pattern of the Boudoir Dress. I made the skirt a bit longer and added a waist band. The skirt has an invisible hem. I folded the end of the seams and stitched it, instead of serging the seams. I really dont’t like serged seams.

 I didn’t have much trouble with sewing the blouse. After making a few other blouses it gets easier to make them. The only problem was my nosy cat!

  1. Love what you have done with the blouse and great color choice the skirt is a great shape,
    How did you do an invisible hem?
    I’m glad my fat dog is not the curious 🙂

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