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With Jasmine in the Air…

May 20, 2012

I finished the Colette Patterns Jasmine blouse a few weeks ago – and incidently these photos are also from a few weeks ago too, it’s not quite warm enough for bare legs and arms any more…

20th May 2012 5

I made view 1 sans sleeves which I’ve been doing with most of my sewing lately.  I made a bias binding for the arm holes instead and really like the way it turned out – no sleeves has the benefit of using less fabric if you are trying to stash bust like me and don’t quite have enough (and cutting on the bias means you have to be a bit creative with your pattern laying if you only have a small amount). I made this Jasmine from a light cotton I had thrifted a few years ago back in NZ.

20th May 2012 3

20th May 2012 2

I did have a few small issues with the pattern, namely gaping at the front and back.  The front was easy enough to fix, but for some reason, no matter how much I shaved off the back, it still gapes a little (maybe this is just my bad computer slouching back?).  I’ve found the gaping to be less noticeable when the collar is sewn on.  I also ended up shaving off about 1cm from around the neckline – after seeing a few finished garments on other people’s blogs, it looked as though the blouse didn’t quite have the lovely wide neckline it looks like it does on the pattern front. But I think it actually turned out really nicely on mine.

I also cut a good 1inch off both sides of the blouse after cutting it to my size.  It was too big in the waist (and could still possibly be a little big) so I recommend cutting a size smaller in the waist if you want a more fitted look. I would also recommend making the ties longer if you do want to tie them in a bow, but I don’t mind mine in just a small tie with the ends hanging down (looks good under a cardigan!).

Overall, I think this is a great pattern for beginners and especially for those wanting to learn about sewing on the bias.

I also made the circle skirt from a thrifted blue-cottony type fabric from my stash, it’s fully lined and I’ve worn it at least once per week since I finished it. I think if I had to pick a pattern that was ‘me’, circle skirts would be it. I can bash them out quickly and they are so comfy to wear and go with so much I already have in my wardrobe!  Next up is a light grey wool circle skirt.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Jen – my blog Pretty Little Pictures

  1. I too adore circle skirts! So easy to make and so fun to wear! Love your Jasmine! I find if I have gaping issues with the neckline, it often means that I should have cut a smaller sized and done and FBA (full bust adjustment) to get the rest of the pattern smaller.

  2. I love your blouse Jennifer, it is so sweet with your skirt. Was wondering if there were any bust darting at the sides, but I don’t think I see any.
    I have some gorgeous chiffon that I have been saving for a special blouse I have not found yet, until now 🙂 Might have to make a full circle skirt too, hehe.
    You have done a really lovely job looks fab!

    1. Hi Netty – it does have bust darts but because it’s cut on the bias they are quite small. I didn’t have to fit the blouse to my mannequin like I would with other tops, so it’s super easy and really fast to sew up!

      I can’t wait to see yours when you make it, it really is a lovely pattern.

  3. The blouse looks great.
    You’ve just given me an idea of how to solve a little problem. I made the jasmine blouse but accidentally anded up with one arm correct and the other backwards. And don’t have more fabric to re-cut the sleeve. So creating a sleeveless version by removing them would solve my problem…

  4. Funny, I did the Jasmine recently and I omitted the sleeves too! Haven’t got around taking any pictures yet. Your version looks lovely!

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