1. I love, love this dress! You did such a beautiful job of creating new patterns with your pattern matching in the gathers. You like like you could be enjoying a gin and tonic at some expatriate club in 60’s Africa.

  2. I AM WORKING ON THE SAME THING!! I got a beautiful African wax print I sewed up using a vintage Butterick pattern – I lined the skirt with poly organza (Gertie recently suggested this for extra poofiness). I am just in the process of finishing it and posting it. From what I can tell, this looks awesome! But your photos are a little small so I can’t see the details 🙁

  3. Hey, I’m working on wax myself, for me and my girl, on the very same kind of pattern! Funny!
    Your dress comfort me in my choice, the fabric looks ideal for such a pattern!
    Beautiful work!

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