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New Feature: Subscribe by Email

May 15, 2012
1940s Vargas Girl

Thanks to Rachel from Gillywood Design who got in touch with me this week to say “Come on woman! Get your act together and let me subscribe by email!” (actually she said it much nicer than that), you now have the option to keep up with the site directly from your inbox.

So your inbox isn’t flooded by a vintage sewing tsunami, I’m bundling all the latest posts into one email per week. So if you choose to subscribe by email, once every seven days you’ll receive an email from me containing that week’s new posts. You can unsubscribe at any time, and nothing nefarious will happen to your email address. ¬†Click here to subscribe by email.¬†

Other ways to keep up:

  • Follow our feed in your RSS reader of choice
  • Follow us on twitter where each post is published automagically
  • Follow us on Bloglovin
  • Just roll your old bones over to every now and again

1940s Vargas Girl

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