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May 29, 2012

I decided it was time to have a day to sew for me.

Not for Beauty & the Beast: my latest show, not for Alex Perry; design legend, not for the kids ballet & band uniforms, not for any styling jobs. It was time to use some stash fabric & break out some vintage patterns, just for me.

So yesterday, after an early trip to get fabric for Bride & Prejudice, my August production, I came home & made a blouse & pair of high waisted jeans.

I had already trialled the jeans pattern with some linen some time ago & found I needed to lower the waist about 4cm, lose the cuff & make the darts a bit bigger, as I am quite petite.

I used denim with a slight stretch that I was given about 10 years ago by the Tsubi guys(now Ksubi).
I also moved the zip opening from the front to the side seam. I didn’t feel like fussing with a fly front in stretch fabric & I much prefer a side zip in high waist pants.

The blouse was made with some beautiful self printed voile I picked up in Paris last year. 3m for 10euro. Bargain! So soft & sheer. An appropriate undergarment is a must.

I made View 1, but again, due to my petite size the 3/4 sleeve is neither wrist or 3/4 length so I rolled them for the picture. I might add a cuff to make them long or just tack in the roll, as I think it looks quite neat. Very Lauren Bacall.
I’m also thinking of extending the darts up to the bust point for a more fitted look.


I think the blouse will work better with a skirt, but they look ok together for this picture.

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