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Let Purple Reign!

May 11, 2012

It looks like Eileen and I could be the start of a come-back for the pinafore dress!

Hollywood 1632

While on my little shopping spree at Easter I picked up a funky, purple and grey plaid to make this adorable 1930s pinafore and have been dying to cut out it ever since. Originally, I’d only planned to make the pinafore, I’ve plenty of things to wear with it, but the blouse looked so simple I figured, why not? Famous last words. Of course there were a couple of small issues, the sleeves gave a trouble, but I worked around it and am really pleased with the result.

More details & pics on my blog.

– Tamara

  1. That really looks lovely (why have I never considered purple?), and just like the picture; I’ve only got one pinafore in my wardrobe, which itself doubtless counts as ‘vintage’ by now, and really must think about getting some more.

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