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1940s shoe dress

May 27, 2012
1940s shoe dress

1940s shoe dressThis has got to be my favourite dress to date and it ties in nicely with the 1940s inspired challenge over at Sew Weekly. I used an original 1940s pattern from Butterick, number 2638 which I got from Etsy some time ago.

butterick 2638

The fabric was an amazing find at Oxfam, last year for about five pounds. So you can imagine how happy I am with this dress!

1940s shoe dress

The construction was pretty simple. I made some adjustments to the design namely, adding a couple of inches onto the waist and taking 5 inches off the length. I also replaced gathers with soft pleats and I know that kind of takes from the authenticity but I think its all round more flattering…. and it was a lot easier getting soft pleats even instead of gathering!

1940s shirt dress

More photos and details over at ooobop! 


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I love this colour too… just don’t have enough of it! And I love shoes so the pattern is most loved!

  1. That is gorgeous! What a lucky find with the fabric- it’s not something I’ve ever come across in charity shops. I’m with you on the pleats- I prefer them to gathers myself too.

  2. Such a cute dress! I’d have done the same with the gathers. They really demand the right kind of fabric that won’t add too much bulk. The soft pleats look great.

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