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Vogue 1556 by Yves Saint Laurent

April 15, 2012

This winter I was fortunate to get some fantastic photos of my version of Vogue 1556, a dress from Yves Saint Laurent’s famous ‘Mondrian’ collection. (You can see my post on Vogue’s Mondrian collection patterns here.) Some of you may remember the dress from my We Sew Retro profile a while back.

For the pattern’s first release, the original dress was photographed at the Knoll showroom in Paris, so I roped a photographer friend into a photo shoot at Toronto’s Knoll showroom. Here’s one of the shots:

We had a blast with all the mid-century furniture in the showroom. See my blog for details and more photos.

  1. This is a cool shot, but it’s surprisingly hard to get much idea of the dress from it. My favorite is the one on your blog where you’re between a red chair and an ottoman or bench – the sillhouette is highlighted perfectly, and the whole image is very stylish! (It doesn’t hurt that you’ve got the angles of your legs and feet just right – a tricky thing for actual humans, as opposed to fashion illustrations, to do.)

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