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Style 2516 – my first ‘vintage’ pattern

April 10, 2012

As part of the sewing pattern review contest I sewed Style 2516. Dug out of the cupboard it was a little ripped and torn in places.

But being very careful managed to cut out the pieces. I think I may have to trace off the pattern on something more sturdy. As its been a really nice and simple pattern to sew and I already have loads of ideas with modifications I can do such as contrasting collar and cuffs to give a casual blazer look. Using maybe a linen or brushed cotton.

I even did the dreaded buttonholes all by hand….fortunately only had three to do.

They just take me so long to do.

More detail & pics on my blog.

  1. I sometimes apply lightweight fusible interfacing to the back of my patterns to make them last longer, I also use low tack masking tape to fix tears as it it easy to remove and doesn’t do further damage (sellotape can cause the pattern to rip more!). Alternatively you can buy manilla pattern card and spray mount your pattern. (I wouldn’t do this to a *very* old or valuable pattern, the archive police would shoot me, but its useful for new patterns and saves the hassle of tracing them).

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