Vintage Sewing

I finally feel confident sewing vintage patterns.

April 21, 2012

I’ve been going to sewing school all year, it’s a full time course but I’m still a beginner. It’s absolutely one of the best things I’ve done, even though it’s so late in my life! Learning to sew is just such a fabulous skill and it opens up a whole world to you. My next challenge is to get my daughter sewing! No one teaches sewing to kids, they don’t have the patience it seems (that’s what I’ve been told my sewing teachers). Maybe there is a niche there for me?

Anyway, I tackled two vintage patters for my daughter. We are so over the black wall of fashion that comes down after you turn 8, no longer are their any pretty clothes on offer. And so I made her this skirt and these pants. You can see more here:

  1. Vintage patterns are so good for this age. Vintage is where you can find clothes that aren’t babyish and yet not for a teenager. Good basics that thay can pick the color, fabric and trims for…big fun!

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