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Fabric, in search of a pattern

April 14, 2012

I have the most gorgeous fabric and I have a plan…all I need is a pattern.

Here is my fabric.


And here is my ideal design….
design for bodice and jacket


Looking for a vintage/retro inspired sweetheart neck bodice and a little matching bolero jacket.

Can anyone help me in locating a pattern? I can find dresses with that neck but no separate bodice. I’m going to make a circle skirt in complimentary colour (blue or pink) to go with it…or some crop jeans.

My last attempt at drafting a pattern ended in disaster…so I really need a pattern to follow.

Hope you can help!

  1. Another thing might be to just crop a dress pattern. If you’ve found a dress pattern that has the exact neckline you want it might be the easiest option for you.
    Hope you find what you need! 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the replies. I shall have to check out some dress patterns now. I wish I felt more confident about drafting my own pattern.
    Would it be tricky to adjust a bodice with a straight front into a sweetheart?

    1. Just a case of redrawing the neckline on the pattern front to be one half of a sweetheart shape, so easy 🙂 Now you have found your pattern, try overlaying the sweetheart neckline over the scoop neck vest piece and seeing how you could redraw that neckline.

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