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Decades of Style 1930’s Button Dress

April 10, 2012

I was so excited to start this 1930s dress from pattern maker, Decades of Style.


This is a photo of the dress on my dress form.  Unfortunately, the dress did not flatter my shape at all.  You can see the results on my blog.  The pattern company itself makes darling retro styles for the modern seamstress.  The instructions were easy to follow and I would use their patterns again.  I just need to make sure the style works for me and not fall in love with the picture on the front of the pattern!

  1. I made a dress from this same pattern and I also was sad to find it hugely unflattering on my shape. I still have it folded up in my unfinished project drawer, un-hemmed, hoping I will someday find someone who would look good in this. I have used two other patterns of her’s and they were fantastic and very flattering (the house dress with the triangle pockets and the overalls). I think I just need to avoid this one. It’s a shame, as it’s so cute.

  2. Been lusting for this pattern myself, so this info is much appreciated.
    Will do an honest appraisal before purchasing.
    (Your version does look lovely, even if not on you.)

  3. We used this pattern for my daughter’s bridesmaids. I lowered the front neckline, added shape with bust darts, and reshaped the sleeves.

  4. I was going to post on your blog, but it required a sign-in that I don’t have. So I’m really tacking on to the comments there as much as here:

    I would also mention that it looks like you used quilting cotton, and that is not the right material to achieve the look in the picture. See all that soft draping in the illustration? You’d need a rayon or lightweight wool or heavy silk crepe or georgette to get the right feel. The cotton is adding bulk by standing crisply away from your body where it should be gracefully conforming. That’s not your body’s fault!

    But please let me add to the chorus that it is at least as instructive to see what doesn’t work as what does. Thank you!

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