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What’s your 1947 color?

March 6, 2012
I picked up a great little vintage sewing book a few years ago when I had just started started sewing. This week was actually the first time I flipped through it. It’s from 1947 and is full of really awesome vintage sewing tips. Not to mention these great color diagrams based on hair and eye color! Wouldn’t they be fun to do as a color palette for a wardrobe challenge? You don’t really even have to stick to “your colors”! I’d fall under Brown hair and brown eyes right now since I’ve been sporting my natural locks for a bit. I’ve been black hair and brown eyes, and auburn and red though too!
I’m hoping you all find these as interesting as I did!
    1. Apparently they hadn’t invented green eyes in the 40’s 😉 I’m one of those people who think it’s all about skin tone, so not that bothered.

  1. I’m somewhere between brown hair, blue eyes and auburn hair, brown eyes. I’m off-colored all around: Brown hair . . . with a slight reddish cast, and blue-gray eyes. I can wear pretty much any shade of green, no matter how acid or olive or mossy.

  2. That’s so funny – I am blonde/blue and I absolutely wear that color palette (with the exception of pink – too fluffy for me!)

  3. That is really cute! Too bad the Grey Hair, Brown Eyes pallette looks more like the colors I know through long trial and error work on me than my actual natural scheme of (Almost) Black Hair, Brown Eyes. I guess I’m just ahead of my time.

    In my experience skin tone is more important than eye color. All those yellow-greens just make me look … yellow-green. And they’re so popular right now. Sigh.

  4. this is fascinating. I’ve got black and white hair and hazel/brown eyes (each eye has hazel near the iris and brown around it — not one of each!). The colors for black and white hair hazel eyes and gray hair and brown eyes are pretty much the colors I wears. Except for that icky camel color.

  5. As a RedHead I am delighted with the range of options in the book. We are so often overlooked in ‘fashion’ magazines. They address blondes and brunettes but forget the reds. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I’m Auburn & Brown, and I wear all those colours regularly.
    I love the hair styles too!

  6. Auburn/ brown and green eyes, was hoping they might have been kind to us then, since now apparently every colour in shops is designed for the permi-tanned – a very strange look for those of a more, ahem, celtic, skin tone!!

  7. Great post! I have red hair and green eyes, so I wonder what they’d recommend for me. The closest match is for red hair and blue eyes and those colors are not the ones that I think I look the best in.

  8. I thought it was a little strange that there are no green eyes (and only the black/white- and blonde-haired get hazel). Still fascinating, though – thanks for sharing!

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