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March 20, 2012

Pattern: McCall’s 4632 (1989)

I created this top using McCall’s 4632 from 1989. Originally the pattern was to be sold in my Etsy shop but that view F in the bottom left hand corner looked attractive. I was thinking of making it in a fabric with more drape but I’m trying to sew out of my stash. Therefore, I located just enough of this cream/oyster twill to try it out. The fabric (which must be old, I can’t remember what I made with the rest) is pretty luxurious with a smooth hand and a slight sheen.

The style is loose, basically a square but the gathered shoulders add interest. It reminds me of a lot of the simple shells I’ve been seeing around from independant designers. It was extremely easy to make and I especially liked the fact that the yoked area on the front is actually overhang from the back pattern piece. I was thinking I could use that detail on many more projects so why not work off of this pattern piece than make my own from scratch.

Since the pattern was created in the late eighties it was designed for 1/2″ shoulder pads for that big shoulder look; therefore, I had to remove some length from the armholes and quite a bit of width at the sides. I ended up taking two inches off the length and two inches from EACH side, so four inches off of the width. I will be using this pattern again with a more suitable fabric, like crepe de chine or voile. It could also make a really cute dress.

  1. Lovely! To be honest, I would have never looked at that pattern and thought it would make something so classy (oh, pattern styling!), but you made it look great. Now I’m going to have to do double takes on all those 80’s patterns at thrift shops.

  2. I love these 80s cap sleeved blouse patterns…maybe because they look so 40s to me. I’ve picked up two or three of them in the past year but still haven’t gotten around to making them. Love the way yours came out!

  3. Stick a couple of darts down the front and back waist and that could so easily be a 40s top. I’m not a big fan of some of the 80s styles, but others are really wearable and pretty, like this one.

  4. I’m guilty of a bit of anti-80s bias, but there were a ton of great 80s patterns. The envelope art doesn’t do the designs much justice. I like this – simple and quick with an interesting feature

  5. Ooh, that’s awesome. I’ve been looking for inspiration for some simple but elegant shells/tops, and this is just what I’m looking for. Beautiful work!

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