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March 30, 2012

A couple of weekends ago, my local paper dedicated its Saturday art/lifestyle/fashion supplement to the resurgence of handmade, art markets, op shop, and vintage.

I was very lucky to be included, showing my vintage dresses.

As a fashion student, and vintage fan, I thought it was great exposure and was very excited to see a whole supplement dedicated to handmade.  I think people are starting to see the benefits of crafting things with love.

I often get stared at when I walk down the street “dressed properly”…do any of you?

    1. It is great to see that you could get some media interest – there is a growing interest in hand made. I am a sewer and am sewing a lot more of my clothes now that I am a full time mum. I always get comments on the clothes that I have made as they are different from the usual mass produced stuff. I am about to start on my first dress from a vintage pattern – I am very excited about it!

  1. Most people do stare when I’m properly dressed. And that’s all the time 😉
    However sometimes people comment that more people should do it.
    I just hold my head high and put on some more red lipstick.

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