Vintage Sewing

Kitchenette Pajamas!

March 6, 2012

The debut of my latest vintage sewing adventure!

The Decades of Style Kitchenette Pajamas!!!


I made them out of 100 % rayon, which is gloriously cozy but a bit irritating to work with. I ended up having to figure out how to do french seams on everything….which just takes practice.  I am now really good at french seams…which is great because I appreciate the look and cleanness of them now. I did bias tape on all the other more detailed edges to keep it simple and polished looking.


I love the details of the pockets and the shapes of the seams.  It’s a very easy pattern to figure out after re-reading the instructions many times and realizing that no…I was not missing a page.  The instructions start you off finishing off all the details like pockets and the ties first, and then going into the garment construction…I thought I had missed a step…but once I got started it all came together.




These are super comfortable, and I can’t wait to make more, some capri length ones, and some really nice jersey ones, and probably even flannel ones! The sizing is very easy and accurate, and the only alteration I ended up doing was moving the tie that gets fed thru the crossover back piece a little further towards the side seam so I could get it cinched in enough for me. I think next time I will move the slit instead of the tie…the back will just sit a bit nicer.  And they are way easier to get in and out of then I had originally assumed.


I love that I feel glamorous…lounging with a glass of vino…in my grown up onise…I mean kitchenette Pajamas!!

  1. Your pajamas are lovely and your work inspiring, Hezular! Love that you persisted with the French seams. They’re a pain-in-the-tail to be sure, but the clean inside finish is certainly rewarding. Can’t wait to see future versions.

  2. I have been eyeing this pattern for a while. I was suspect how it would turn out. And it’s great! Putting in on my “need this pattern list” now. I love the details you used. Wonderful.

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