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I’m so excited!

March 5, 2012

Okay, okay, before I say exactly why I’m over the moon, I ought to give background information.  When my oldest niece, Bit, was approaching her second Halloween, my SIL asked me to make her a Foofa costume.  I did it, using a vintage 70s pattern as the base, because it was an A-line dress with a flower petal collar.  After Halloween, I entered it into the Simplicity contest for that year, eventually winning a pattern for my trouble:

It’s Simplicity 2392, and I was in love with it from the first time I saw it.  Vintage reprints like this one were actually my first forays into vintage patterns.  But, alas, Bit had grown out of infant sizes, so it was carefully put away for the next little girl.


Last year, I stumbled over the original pattern that Simplicity 2392 is a reprint of.  It’s Simplicity 4053.  (And unfortunately not on the pattern wiki yet.) I promptly ordered it, because it was even  just the right size, and I gleefully thought that since my SIL was due to have another little girl, I could, joy of joys, dress them alike!  But to my disappointment, the seller I bought it from made a mistake, and I got another pattern in its place, and they were out of the country and couldn’t correct it.  Since the replacement pattern was one I’d been drooling over, anyway, I kept it and put the matching pattern away.



But last week, I found another copy of the vintage one!  I snapped it up, and it got here yesterday!  And to my absolute wonder, it’s the right size for Bit now, so she and baby sister Boo can once again wear matching sister dresses!   So sometime this spring or summer (my materials are all currently in storage right now) we’ll have two little girls in vintage and vintage-ish embroidered dresses!

The vintage pattern will, of course, need a bit of altering–widening the neck a bit and lengthening it by 10 inches, and I’ll have to do complete measurements on Boo to make sure it’s knee length, but cuteness- ho!

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