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March 22, 2012

Hello Ladies!

Hope your sewing is going well this spring!  While I usually share pictures of my latest projects, I have recently been working on an article for fabric resources.  Let’s face it – fabric prices are getting ridiculously high! And I know many of us are small business owners in the design or sewing categories, so if we need to purchase large quantities of fabrics the prices you’ll find in retail stores are not going to cut it!

So since I’ve learned a few things about the fabric industry over the years (I’ve been in contact with just about every large fabric vendor in the States), I have written the ultimate “where-to-purchase-materials” post over on my blog!  I’m sharing a snippet of it below.

Before you begin shopping around for the best fabric vendors, there are a few things you need to know about dealing with the industry professionals.  First of all, they do not like to detail with what they think of as “lay sewers”.  In other words, you should never call up a vendor saying that your local fabric store’s prices are too high and you’re wondering if they will sell directly to you.  Their immediate answer to that question would be a resounding, “No,”!

The way to approach these vendors is not by calling yourself a seamstress, (or sometimes even as a designer), but to say, “I’m interested in setting up a wholesale account with you and I need your minimum purchase amount.”  Assuming that you have an actual sewing business, mention the fact that you are a small business owner.  It gives you more validity if you offer to give them your business license number or even link back to your website.  Be aware that if at any point they ask where you are located, they will probably be trying to hand you off to one of their retailers who will not give you any discount at all.  Saying “The United States” will probably be enough to satisfy their curiosity, and if you are courteous but determined they will most likely be willing to sell wholesale to you.  At the very least, make sure you have them send you some fabric swatches so you can compare your options between different companies.

If you succeed at setting up a wholesale account with any of these companies, you are probably looking at paying the following prices per yard for these fabrics:

Muslin $1.00 yd.   Cotton Broadcloth $2-$3 yd.  Flannel $2 yd.

Chiffon $2-$3 yd.  Satin $3 yd.  Taffeta $2.50 – $3 yd.

Lining $2 yd.


With that being said, I have the whole list of fabric vendors I recommend along with some industry terminology on this new post.

Hope you find it helpful, and I have many more resources that I didn’t have room for in the article in case you’d like to email me for more info!


Happy sewing!



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