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I Made Jeans!

March 28, 2012



It was tough, but I did it!  I’d been talking about making jeans for ages, and I finally got around to it last weekend.  The actual construction process went really fast, so if you’re intimidated by the idea of branching out into jeans, don’t sweat it!  All you need is a good trouser pattern–the back yoke and pockets are easy to draft–and everything else that makes these recognizable as jeans is just detail work and choice of materials.



These are pretty much the ultimate in practical sewing.  I could wear these anywhere–gardening, hiking, on a boat, on the floor putting puzzles together with a five-year-old–and if they get ripped or worn out, they’ll look great with patches.  I love them cuffed, as above, but they also look good left loose to hang over my boots.  In the summer, I’ll probably wear them with a light blouse or t-shirt tucked in, but lately I’ve been throwing a sweater or heavy plaid flannel button-up on top and that looks great too.  They’re a wardrobe godsend.


More pictures and construction details over at my blog!


  1. Congrats! I was very intimidated by jeans – and pants in general – until a year or so ago. I did a high-waist pair of denims, and you’re right, easy construction and so satisfying! I use the same pattern to make wool pants, capris, shorts, you name it.

  2. I do believe you have inspired me to give it a go. I have stayed well clear of making a pair of denims through sheer intimidation but, heck, its not the most expensive fabric in the world and if it goes wrong – a girl always needs new dust rags X

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