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March 19, 2012

First, a confession: I have not studied hard enough for my Psychology exam tonight. If past experience is anything to go by, this means I will spend today frantically doing things that are also not studying for my psychology exam…like drooling over the dress kits at Eliza M’s Vintage Style Fashion and Sewing Boutique.

And because Eliza M’s owner is a lovely lady (who probably would have studied for a psychology exam if she had one tonight), you guys get a chance to win one!



The prizes

Yes, prizes with an ‘s’ – there’s going to be two winners!

Prize 1: the dress kit of your choice (Eliza, Ruby, or Audrey) in a standard size

Eliza M dress kits are a beautifully packaged parcel of everything you need to make a stunning vintage inspired dress. Each kit contains sewing instructions, fabric already cut to size (woo!), thread,  zips and fastenings. You won’t need to wrangle pattern pieces or spend ages hunched over the kitchen table painstakingly cutting your fabric – you’ll have everything you need to sit down and sew!

Prize 2: a pattern of your choice (ElizaRuby, or Audrey) regraded to your personal measurements

Tweaking a pattern so it fits you perfectly can be a real pain. The winner of prize 2 will receive a custom paper pattern in their personal measurements. If the standard sizes of the dress kits don’t work for you, this prize will get you a paper pattern already sized to fit!

How to enter

Head over to Eliza M Vintage Sewing and pick your favorite style. Then pop back here and leave me a comment letting me know if you’re an Eliza, a Ruby or an Audrey and if you want prize 1 or prize 2 (or if you would be happy with either prize). You don’t need to publicize your size in the comments.


Two winners will be drawn at random on Sunday, March 25th. I’ll contact the winners by email to get details of your standard size for prize 1 or your personal measurements for prize 2.


International entrants always welcome

As always on, so long as you’re somewhere on planet Earth, you’re eligible to win 😀


Good luck! Now I’ve got to get back to my hectic schedule of alternating between frantically not studying and panicking…

  1. I LOVE the Audrey dress!!! I’ll even start working out so my arms will be up to the exposure. The custom pattern would be marvelous as I’ve never met a pattern that fit my apparently odd proportions 🙂

  2. Oh, me, please! The Ruby or the Audry would be fantastic! I’d prefer prize number 1, but I’d be delighted with either!

  3. Audrey and either one would be amazing. I loathe cutting out pattern pieces but would also love to not have to grade between sizes.

  4. I think I’m digging the Audrey the most, though it’s hard to choose. I also think I’d fit in a standard size which would be awesome so I don’t have to mess with cutting fabric!

  5. wow! what an amazing giveaway! the eliza is so adorable, and the look is completely diffrent than anything else I already have. Either package would be wonderful.

  6. I’m an Audrey girl, all the way! The Audrey dress manages to be both modest and fun, which is the best kind of combination in my book. I would be delighted with either kit or pattern. 🙂

  7. I just love the sweetheart neckline & circle skirt of the Eliza–either in standard size or personalized fit. Could you pass on to Eliza that it would be immensely helpful to have a short description of the colors of fabric? I just don’t trust my monitor to give accurate colors.

    Best wishes on the psychology test–hope you remember everything that you have studied. 😉

  8. Oh, tough choice! They’re all great but I think I’d go with the Audrey dress first choice. Either Prize 1 or Prize 2 would be good. Thanks!

  9. What lovely kits! I’ve never seen these before. I’m definitely an Eliza and I’d be happy with either prize version. thanks — and good luck on your exam!!

    They are all great… I guess I would love ‘Eliza’ the most, though. This could very well be my first self-made retro-dress ever – so far I just follow the blog, swoon over some of the awesome things you fantastic women out there create and… do nothing!!!
    So, yes, the Eliza please. Prize 1!

  11. I am 100% an Audrey – it’s reminiscent of my custom made wedding dress that I absolutely love. I would also love either of the fantastic prizes!

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  12. The Eliza dress is so lovely! I would say either prize would be awesome to get, but I hate cutting out patterns! I just want to skip right to the sewing so I would definitely want prize 1!

  13. I’d like prize number 2 (as I am over 6′ tall) in Eliza! Very cute!. Just getting back into sewing after many years, and I would love to have a pattern made to my size.

  14. So hard to choose! they are all fabulous! I would be rapturously happy to win either prize in Eliza style! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I hate choosing! They’re all so lovely; however, I think I’d get the most wears out of Eliza. I’d be happy winning either prize package.

  16. I want to be a Ruby, but have never felt comfortable with altering a wiggle dress to my non-standard measurements. I want the second prize!

  17. I’m loving the back on Audrey! And while I would love to not have to cut out fabric I’m not a standard size so option #2 it is. 🙂

  18. Why have I not known about your blog?! I’ve got a voile cocktail apron that would be perfect with the Audrey; either prize would be grand. Thank you. And I’ve got my eye on Grace when it becomes available …

    Hope your psych exam went well!

  19. I like to think of myself as a Ruby (either 1 or 2 would be smashing). Thanks again for hosting such a great giveaway! Now I’m off to find that pilates dvd…

  20. I think I prefer the Audrey, though I do like the other two. I would take either prize, but would probably do better with a made to measure kit. Thanks!

  21. Perfect for the lazy or novice sewer. I would have to pick the Audrey, 4 piece patterns are all I can cope with. Ive just got a 40s pattern and as its has hardly its too hard to complete.

  22. Oh wow – what a great giveaway! I would probably go for the Eliza, but I think all three dresses are gorgeous! Either prize 1 or 2 would make me super happy! Thanks!

  23. hi,
    What a lovely give away. I think I’m more of a Katherine Hepburn that an Audrey but that dress is lovely. What a great idea

  24. I love all the dresses! But if i have to decide then I’d love Audrey – and of course I’d be thrilled about prize 1, but prize 2 is great, too.

  25. Oh, I would have to say Ruby and Prize 2. I am a very curvy girl so a custom pattern on a slim fitting dress would be, like, the best thing ever!

  26. Hmmm, I think I choose the Audrey, and either prize one or two. I’m not fussy, but I am lazy, so prize one would be my pick.

  27. This is the best giveaway I have seen in ages! I was thinking of making a dress for a wedding I’m going to. I d pick Audrey in either kit! I have never won anything-please make my year!

  28. I looooooooove the Eliza and Ruby !!!!!!!! Both of the prices would be fine for me 🙂 What a wonderful giveaway !!!!! 🙂

  29. Coincidentally, giving my name, I love the Eliza! I would love either prize that would lead to me having the Eliza dress.

  30. Fantastic! Audrey, prize 1 please! Just what I need for my son’s wedding- Swing Jive and Lindy Hop at the reception! At least I’d look the part!

  31. The Ruby dress looks fabulous! That would be my pick for sure. I’d prefer it sized to fit but would be happy with a standard as well. 🙂

  32. I am not very good a sewing but I do have a go, and I have to say having a fuller figure I am an Eliza girl. Love the RED polka dot you have shown. I would love the 2nd prize as I have large bust and I am not the best at altering patterns ;0) thenk you for the chance to win I will also spread the word on FB xx

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