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Easter dresses for my girls!

March 24, 2012

So, if you’ll recall, back in December I made skirts and blouses for both of my girls, with the idea that I could then make skirts of different material for Easter. It turns out that skirts weren’t the best idea, since neither girl has a waist to speak of, but I already had the Kaufman Appleville and there was no turning back. Then it dawned on me, why not jumpers? They are super fast to make, since they are like dresses but without any of the fiddly bits like collars and sleeves.

For Little Girl I was lucky enough to have this sweet Seven Day Wardrobe pattern in my stash ($1 at the antique mall!) I love the Seven Day Wardrobe concept, and before she grows out of a size 4 I MUST make the version with the black gingham and the little capelet.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the jumper came together – I think I did it in a single afternoon.

Big Girl’s dress was a bit more complicated. See, when I bought the fabric, I figured larger daughter = larger print, so I got 3 yards of the little houses and only 2 yards of the wee smiling apples. Only my older daughter really liked the apple print… but 2 yards isn’t really enough for a full skirted jumper. Ebay came to my rescue with this awesome late-1950s pattern, which I had barely enough yardage for (and in fact the jumper facings were cut out of the other print). 

So here they are finished! I will try and get a photo of the dresses ON, but my daughters never hold still long enough.

  1. Super adorable! Love both of the prints. If you make the patterns again, you might add scallops on the hem and/or cap sleeves for yet another few looks.

  2. So adorable! I miss making little girl things..daughters are 23 and 14, both with gorgeous hourglass figures. But! We have 3 adorable great nieces now, so I should get busy. Thanks for inspiration. 🙂

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