Vogue 2925- Fabiani Coat

February 7, 2012

I’ve been working on this coat for what seems like FOREVER! I finished up the muslin in 2011, started sewing at the beginning of the year and had it ready in 3 weeks… then my self-covered buttons broke (dumb cheap kit!) so I had to get someone to make them for me which took another week. But it’s finally ready for it’s unveiling!

Coat front

vogue 2925
Here is the pattern I used – it’s a ~Couturier~ pattern, ooh la la. I made view B, just the coat. Actually, I made the pants too, but that’s another blog post.

I made a LOT of fitting changes – mostly because the pattern was a size too big. Want the list? Here you go:
– Remove 1/4″ from top & bottom sleeve side seams
– Reduce sleeve head ease (appx 7/8″ at peak)
– Taper lapel 1/2″
– Shift button position
– Shorten back belt 3/4″ on each end
– Remove 5/8″ from center back seam
– Remove 3/4″ from side back seam
– Raise underarm seam 1″
– Reduce shoulder width 5/8″
– Shorten sleeves 1/2″

As far as the pattern instructions – it actually includes instructions on hand-tailoring, so I didn’t have to deviate much! I did set the sleeves in using Gertie’s method – it’s much easier and cleaner! – and the lining is tacked down with feather stitches instead of the suggested cross stitches. All seams were pressed open and catch-stitched down as well.

lining peek
Oh yeah, there is bright kiwi green lining 🙂

Tag :3
And a hand-embroidered tag!

Some progress/tailoring peeks:

tailored inside of coat

bound button hole & covered button!

I’m very happy with my new coat – now if only it would actually get cold enough here in Tennessee to wear it 🙂

As always, there are more pictures/info on my blog, LLADYBIRD. Thanks for looking! 😀

  1. i’m blown away by the stunning job you did on that coat. every detail is just wonderful and inspiring. love the pattern and the finished result!

  2. WHAT A KNOCKOUT!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! and your skills are incredible! You will have this coat for your whole lifetime, enjoy it in great health always.

  3. That is the most darling coat I’ve ever seen! What a fantastic seamstress you are. Wear that with pride, even if it is too warm out.

  4. I loved looking at the pictures of this coat. I made this coat in 1973 for a Singer sewing contest. I won the southern region so I won a Genie sewing machine. I still have the coat and the 8 x10 glossies of me wearing it that I had to submit with the outfit. I also live in Tennessee! Would love to touch base and discuss all the work that went into this coat. I did mine during a tailoring class. Yours looks wonderful. I pine for the fashions of the 70s…

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