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February 22, 2012

Hi Sew Retro–

I’ve long been interested in the historical context of the clothes I sew, and I’m an academic by nature, so of course I’ve done loads of reading.  I’ve been running a reading list series on my blog to try to share some of these resources with the rest of y’all, particularly the ones that are available free or online, and the latest installment is up!

Reading List Part Four: So You Want to Learn Some Primary Source History

Parts one through three:

Reading List Part Three: So You Want to Learn to Sew Historically

Reading List Part Two: So You Want to Learn Some History

Reading List Part One: So You Want to Learn to Sew


I’m updating these as I come across new sources, so I’d welcome suggestions–and if anyone else is interested in doing something similar, get in touch with me–maybe we could work up a resource page on domestic history!

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