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February 29, 2012

You know, sometimes it’s incredibly hard to start writing a giveaway post without sounding like some kind of gameshow host. I want an opening that has dignity and gravitas, but still conveys the true awesomeness of what is about to happen…

Ladies….gentlemen….let us stretch forth our cupped hands into which we shall receive a shower of vintage goodness, crisp and refreshing in its complete lack of cost. Let us be repeatedly slapped about the face and neck with the generosity of one of our number as we partake in the glorious….oh good grief. Guys, it’s giveaway time.

This month our prize is a $25 gift certificate to spend with ErikawithaK Vintage. Erika has a lovely selection of vintage patterns and vintage fabric to choose from, and you can use the gift certificate in either of her two etsy stores: ErikawithaK Vintage or Vintage Sheet Variety

How to Enter

To enter, head over to ErikawithaK Vintage and pick your favorite thing. Then pop back here and leave me a comment. I always think it’s fun to hear about what you’d pick if you win, but haiku, sonnets, and Confucianisms are also acceptable forms of comment 😉


The winner will be drawn at random on March 15th to receive a $25 gift certificate (valid in either of Erika’s etsy stores)

International Entrants Always Welcome!

As always, giveaways on are open to anyone, anywhere. ErikawithaK is proud to offer worldwide shipping 😀


 In other news, I very much want a 1970s panda shirt using this pattern from Erika’s store. Pictorial proof I could work it:





  1. I would love to get the “blouse with tie neck collar” in the “pink and orange floral queen sheet” with the “grey and black carded buttons”. A bit over the budget, but well worth it. Thanks for bringing the shop to my attention!!! xox

  2. 1970s Vintage Sewing Pattern – Simplicity 9677 – Teen Womens Romper Jumpsuit and Wrap Skirt – Size 7/8 Bust 29
    I just really like the top and skirt. I would definitely be tweaking the romper part because I am not a fan of them plus it would make me look even younger than I already look. All in all super cute.

  3. Hi! I like Erika’s pattern 1960s fitted dress in proportioned sizes Simplicity 4252. Fabric? There is a nice blue, green, and white floral but others are cute too. Oh! And I’d like some vintage buttons! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Leticia linnea194(at)

  4. I’d have to go hog wild with the kids patterns. I finally got a little girl in October, and I am having a ball dressing her in all sorts of cute things!

  5. Great patterns! I’d love Simplicity 4341 and Butterick 5346! The sheets are tempting, but not enough material for the full-skirted silhouettes that I like.

  6. So many gorgeous patterns, it is practically impossible to choose just one! But if absolutely pushed, it would have to be the McCalls 5486 day dress. It’s an elegant twist on a casual dress pattern..and the best part is: it is in my size exactly!!

  7. Patterns! Too many to mention individuals. I’m trying to increase my vintage pattern collection, so any would be very appreciated and lovingly used!

  8. It is so hard to just pick one thing! I love the 1960s Fitted Dress in Proportioned Sizes – Vintage Sewing Pattern Simplicity 4252!

  9. Ooh Thank you Erika for doing this! I’m a big fan of 1960’s suits and separates so if I won, I’d pick Vintage Sewing Pattern McCalls 6840 – Size 18 Bust 38, it’s so chic and simple!

  10. Ooooh, these are nice. I think I’d blow my load on fabric, though, as I need more vintage patterns like I need another hole in my head (what I keep telling myself, anyway hahaha). Love this navy blue broadcloth ( – either sewn up into a little jumper or some shorts. Or both! And this hot pink roses fabric ( – would make a nice little bustier top 😀

  11. I immediately fell for the “1950s 1960s Red Blue and Green Striped Terrycloth – Vintage Cotton Fabric” and then went looking for what I could make with it 🙂

    A cute summer tote for the beach!!!!!!

  12. I really don’t know what I would pick. I love all of them!… I would find a way somehow to spend the prize though ;P

  13. My favorite is the 1940s Dress with Princess Seams – Vintage Sewing Pattern Du Barry 5348 that neckline is great and princess seams are always nice to work with.

  14. I can’t narrow it down to just one item, but my favorites are the blue Indian head cloth, McCalls 3204, & Simplicity 5723. I don’t care that the McCall’s 3204 skirt is way too small, I just loooooove those pockets. Wouldn’t be too hard to take a skirt pattern that fits & just add in those pockets. I love pockets & can’t imagine sewing a dress or skirt without them.

  15. So much goodness from a fellow Pattern Patter teamie (I’m at SewBettyAndDot)! I love the Hollywood 1740 1940s swing coat/jacket…and it just MIGHT fit me without too much grading. Fun giveaway!

  16. Normally I go right for the 30’s-50’s stuff, but I LOVE this 70’s skirt pattern – Simplicity 8925.

  17. So many beauties!
    I love Simplicity 8399 (1960 Button Down Blouse Shirt), Simplicity 7758 (1960 Mod Princess Seam Dress or Jumper), and the Vintage Sewing Pattern Mail Order 1-456 (1960 Mod Mini Dress w/ Shaped Front)! Any of these in the Olive Green Daffodil Floral would make for some very happy sewing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Stop the Internet!!
    How absolutely fabulous isn’t the “1960s One Shoulder Evening Dress” from Vogue 7528! And having your arm trapped under such a stunning dress would give ample excuses for bringing a footman to parties: “- What, no, I simply cannot be asked to hold my own champagne coupe! I only have one hand available, and it is occupied making jazz hands.”

  19. I have to choose? Really? I mean… should I pick the mod jumper with short shorts, the one shoulder evening dress, one of those elegant 30’s gowns? Oh, and there’s fabric. This is so deliciously cruel.

  20. Ooh, I love late 1960s-early 1970s patterns and there are so many to choose from. I really want to make the cape in the McCalls 2627 pattern. It’s smashing!

  21. i am really liking the boys batman costume, and the 1950s 1960s Red Blue and Green Striped Terrycloth – Vintage Cotton Fabric – 1 1/3 yds x 36″ wide. who wouldnt want crazy towels made from that. how fun.

  22. I’ve never seen this pattern Simplicity 7869. I’ve been following Kenley on Project Runway All Stars and think this would look cute in her favorite fabric, anything polka dots!

  23. Hello! I love love love the 1960’s Simplicity mini dress pattern. Love the chartreuse green fabric and the mod lace tights! If I win, I’ll buy this pattern for sure and try to make it. Looks so fun.
    Kristy L.

  24. i love the 1950s jumper dress, but Im torn between that and the 1950s day dress with detachable collar. 🙁 what wonderful patterns to choose from!

  25. As my body is that of a god (and that god is Buddha, sadly) I think it’s grand that Erica has sourced some 38 Bust patterns. My absolute fave is the 1960s Full Skirt Dress and Jumper – Vintage Sewing Pattern Simplicity 3576 – Size 18 Bust 38- I think I could adjust that to my curves and have a vintagey yet modern outfit that would be really wearable!
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, ‘specially the international welcome xx Bettina

  26. So much good stuff here! Thanks for the giveaway and the introduction to this neat shop. I’m most intrigued by the maternity slip though I don’t plan to be pregnant again any time soon.

  27. Just found the site and subscribed. I just bought two boxes full of about 80 vintages patterns 20 bucks each, that I’ve yet to make a single thing from. Only one box came in and it was yesterday. So i’d probably choose some of the fabric.

  28. There are so many patterns that I want the 1960s Vintage Sewing Pattern – Simplicity 8639 – Juniors Dress with Puff Sleeves, 1970s Cape Tunic Pants and Skirt – Vintage Sewing Pattern McCall’s 2627 and 1960s Mod Mini Dress and Bag – Vintage Sewing Pattern Simplicity 7557 are all on my wish list! Along with a couple others!

  29. I love the style of this: “1940s Dress with Princess Seams – Vintage Sewing Pattern Du Barry 5348 – Size 12 Bust 30”

  30. I do like the Simplicity 6145 pattern but I will gladly take all the buttons she has listed! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  31. Such a tempting giveaway! I love all the 1950’s day dresses and shirt dresses. I’m not sure how I would decide if I won!

  32. What great old patterns. There were three that I actually had and made back when they were current. One was a baby layette back when I had my first child, the second a set of scooter skirts, and the third a mini dress. The latter two were back when I was in junior high, quite a while ago.
    Now my choice would be the 1950s short half apron pattern-Simplicity 1846.

  33. Oh! Me! Mememememe! There are soooo many beautiful patterns. If I had to pick just one I would say the 1970s long cape and scarf.
    Wonderful giveaway from a great seller – thank you!

  34. Oooh! I love the Simplicity 3340 slim dress and the Simplicity 4807 1960s sheath or full skirt ensemble.
    (I am in France)

  35. Simplicity 3340 is my favorite thing. Whats there not to like, style over fashion anyday. Elegant, understated sophistication not mass produced “stuff” all the way for me. I truly adore sewing vintage and when I cannot afford to make things for myself, my friends ask me to make things for them too, usually from original 40s/50s and 60s patterns. Too too cute!

  36. so hard to chose from such wonderful patterns: (i’m more inspired by the patterns!) – but I prefer 1960s patterns and this pattern really appeals to me, must be the scalloped buttonband: 1960s Mini Dress – Vintage Sewing Pattern Simplicity 7638 – 34 Bust (Simplicity 7638)

  37. 1940s Set of Blouses – Vintage Sewing Pattern Simplicity 1154. I would love a complete set of these blouses. I have tons of dress patterns but nothing for separates and this would be a great way to start!

  38. You have so many fab. patterns and blouses! But once I saw the 50s/60’s Purple & White floral Cotton Gauze fabric, I fell in love.

    thanks so much for the generous giveaway!

  39. I don’t think there was a single 1950’s pattern that I WASN’T drooling over, but they were just slightly edged out by the vintage sheets fat quarters on page 11 of her etsy shop. Oooh, the possibilities with those!
    Thanks for a chance at this give-away.

  40. Oh, how can one choose! Okay okay, it’s not that difficult! I would go with 50’s day dress pattern! Maybe something else too! 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  41. Ohh, my favorite is the 1940s Accessories Hat Bag Gloves Belt pattern. I’m really a sucker for hats and belts, though mostly too cowardly to ear them out of the house. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  42. May favorite has got to be 1940s Dress with Pleated Skirt and Yoke – Vintage Sewing Pattern New York 582 – 38 Bust I really want to make a whole bunch of shirtwaist floral dresses this summer. That’s just the perfect shape and style.

  43. 1930s Vintage Sewing Pattern – Simplicity 2354 – Womens Dinner Evening Dress and Slip – Size 14 Bust 32 FACTORY FOLDS

    Great transitional silhouette, and very nice to have both the period appropriate slip and the dress!

    I’m guessing that the cost of this item might mean that it is not part of the giveaway, but this is my favorite item. Wouldn’t it be nice to be randomly selected to win this! 😉

  44. Wow I like so many it’s hard to choose just one! I really like the 1960 Mod Tunic dress and skinny pants.
    So glad I found your page and your Etsy shop!!

  45. Just went to Erika’s site and loved it!!!!!!!! Would love the 50’s bat wing dress it’s amazing. I’m newer to sewing but have always loved vintage. Great site and am now devoted to we sew retro.!!!!

  46. I don’t know where Erika finds such amazing fabrics!!! That blue folksy chicken fabric wants to become curtains for my mum 😀

    For me, though, I would love to try my hand at making a shoulder-yoked blouse. The illustrations remind me of a painting of my grandmother when she was in her 20s.

    I have this pattern, and it is just as terrifyingly adorable in person.

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