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Dum, dum, dum dum

February 23, 2012

You are seeing correctly.  That is an engagement ring!  This time the “Dumm, Dumm, Dumm Dumm” is for me.   My boy proposed to me on February 3rd.  It was our 6 year anniversary.  And of course, it is a pink!

I know I want an outdoor wedding, and I want a tea length 1950’s style dress.

And of course it is going to be homemade.  I am enlisting the help of my amazing seamstress Aunt.

 So this is where you all come in, I need help finding patterns and reference pictures. There are so many stylish, amazing seamstresses on here.  I know you all have some wonderful pictures  and pattern ideas squirreled away.  Below are some of the reference pictures I have found so far.

Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5

Thanks in advance all!!



  1. Congratulations!
    I would browse Ebay and Etsy for vintage dress patterns- you’ll find lots of things there! And for inspiration, Pinterest is wonderful 🙂 I hope you enjoy looking!

  2. When I was thinking of my wedding dress, I started with knowing the basic degree of coverage. I didn’t want bare shoulders or show cleavage or much of my back, so that made it easy to sort out a lot of patterns! Think of what you’ll feel comfortable in. (I don’t think it’s wrong to wear a revealing wedding dress or show off your body, I’m just not comfortable doing it myself.)

  3. Congrats! I’m sure whatever you come up with will be wonderful! My only advice is to not limit yourself to vintage patterns. . I ended up having to mix different patterns and finding a bodice from a more modern-with-a-retro-feel type of pattern. Please do post when you finish! 🙂

  4. It is very difficult to suggest patterns when your five reference pictures only have a full tea-length skirt & the color white in common. Do you prefer sleeves or no sleeves, strapless or not, illusion net neckline or not, somewhat modern or completely retro?

    However, as far as patterns go, I would strongly suggest looking at Spadea patterns, particularly their designer patterns. Spadea 1149 is available from Vintage Fashion Library in a multi-size pattern.

    I think that a couple other vintage pattern reproduction companies have Spadea or similar patterns to consider. If you buy a genuine vintage Spadea pattern, be aware that their patterns were all unprinted, pre-cut tissue, and their sizing is completely different from any other pattern company. They used whatever sizing the designer used for RTW clothing, so it is closer to modern-day RTW sizing than modern or vintage sewing patterns.

    You might also want to consider a satiny or lacey or shorter-skirted version of Butterick or Vogue retro reprints, like Butterick 5603 or 4919 or Vogue 8789 or 8729 or 1172 or 2902. In white satin or lace, any of these could look much more bridal than the pattern suggests. You also might want to add some fullness a skirt–just add equal amounts on both sides of all skirt pattern pieces–for a more twirly skirt all the better for dancing in.

    1. Thanks, I was mainly looking for new pattern companies. I am now realizing I should have put that in my post. Thanks for the suggestions. I will have to look them up. ~

  5. This is the dress I want (minus the blue ribbon): http://www.bluevelvetvintage.com/50s-60s-harvey-berin-dress-ivory-chantilly-lace.html

    Of course, it’s long gone, but there’s enough detail in the photos that it should be easy enough to draft a pattern for it. I like the strapless silhouette, but don’t want full-on strapless because EVERYONE has that nowadays. For the lace, I’m going to enlist the help of a friend who knows far more about such things than I. Still debating whether I want full lace coverage – maybe not, it might be too frou-frou (and expensive!) for me.


  6. OH, lovely! You really can’t go wrong with a 1950s style, and you might consider having a few different petticoats underneath so you can make the skirt more or less pouffy for the ceremony/reception/pictures.

    You might also have a detachable ribbon belt/sash on hand so you can change the look depending on what you want on your big day.



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