1940s | Dresses | Jumpers / Pinafores

Anne Adams 4901

February 1, 2012

I just finished this undated mail order pattern. It was so super easy and the fit is phenomenal. The only thing I changed was adding ruffle trim to the button flap. I wanted a more house dress look instead of a classic jumper look. The material is thrifted cotton that was sewn into a tablecloth. The cotton is very thick and satiny feeling, like a nice set of sheets. I used French seams and took the hem up by 3 inches. The panel inset was tricky. I wanted to finish the seams but the directions didn’t allow for that. It is literally just top stitched under the side dress panels. I ended up zig zagging them after a couple failed attempts to changing the way it was attached. I plan on making a couple more, it’s such an interesting look. More info is on my blog of course.

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