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Vintage Modern Challenge – A Kid’s Dress for Grown-ups

January 21, 2012

There’s a contest being held by BurdaStyle and Indygo Junction where you are supposed to take one of Amy Barickman’s wonderful vintage-inspired patterns and turn it into a piece of your own. One of the prizes is for a significant modification to become an Indygo Junction pattern, so my goal in creating this piece was to create something that would fit into the Indygo Junction repertoire and would be versatile as a pattern.

And then when I saw the children’s Urban Prairie Dress pattern, I was struck with a tidal wave of inspiration. When I was a child, I always used to look enviously at the women’s clothing wishing I was big enough to wear it. Now I have the same feeling when I look at the children’s section. So when I saw Indygo Junction’s Urban Prairie dress, I knew I wanted to wear it.

So, I blew it up into a grown-up pattern! It essentially ended up being a redraft of the original, but I tried hard to maintain the original look while turning it into a more “womanly” piece with some finer details. It’s edged with flat eyelet lace and tied in the back with a double ribbon bow that actually comes out of giant buttonholes in the waistband. I love pockets in dresses, so I added some of those, too.

I had some extra eyelet lace and decided to add a headband. I love Amy Barickman’s Zipper embellishments, so I made the heart on the headband out of a red zipper. I was having so much fun that I couldn’t resist using some extra ribbon to put the little bows on my shoes. I think this outfit just begs to be worn on for Valentine’s day 🙂

More pictures either at my BurdaStyle or on my Blog!

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