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Mail Order 9140

January 28, 2012

I have just taken a pic of my latest creation, Mail order 9140 – view A.

I used op shop fabric and vintage buttons.  The pattern is size 14 1/2, came together very easily, and the final result looks just like the pattern envelope.  I made no changes to the pattern, and am so happy with the fit of the darts etc. that I am going to use this pattern as the template for a new sloper.  My other sloper does not fit as well as this dress.  I love the look of the fabric, with the border in the jacket and the bottom of the dress.  I love the cross-over neck fastening.

I had curled my hair overnight, and I must say, I felt very elegant and fabulous as I walked to work.  I love dressing like a lady!

As usual, more info on my blog.

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