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Late 80’s/Early 90’s suit recraft

January 24, 2012

Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and share this suit recraft-project. I’ve only recently gotten into sewing/alterations and decided to dive in head first. This was my first real sewing project, but I think it came out great.

I inherited the suit from my great-uncle and decided that it would make an awesome Christmas present for my twin brother. The only problem was that the suit was cut for a much larger waist (I think it would have fit a 36-38″ waist rather comfortably) and the lapel styling was very late-80’s. I decided that a late 50’s mod fit was much more appealing and would lend a more modern look to the jacket.

In the end I completely reshaped the lapels, raised the notches, recut the collar (a little), shortened the sleeves, removed about 4″ from the jacket waist and 6″ from the trouser waist, repositioned the buttons/holes on the suit front, and slimed down the legs on the trousers. I also hemmed them a bit short (to a half-break) to cover a hole in the bottom of one leg.

I have a full write up on my blog including a step by step of what I did. Not bad for $3 worth of thread and a $25 thrift store sewing machine, is it?

  1. The lapel looks 1000 times better, I think. Nice work! 😀

    I was reading about you living in a man-pattern-desert on your blog. I’d wager quite a few of us here have some vintage men’s patterns floating around that we’re never going to use. Readers, if you’ve picked up any decent men’s patterns you don’t need, consider hooking Kyle up – he’s got babies on the way.

  2. Oooh. Cool redo. I took a look at your blog and I can see you’re really zooming along. Keep at it and you’ll be tailoring a jacket from scratch before you know it.

  3. A truly top notch job. I cringe in fear of menswear (even though I wouldn’t think twice about a fully boned corset or bias cut gown). And yes, it is refreshing to see some guys showing off their skills!

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I figure that I’m going to make a few shirts, a few pairs of trousers, and then try to make a jacket from scratch. I’ll be sure to post up how it all goes.

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