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January 8, 2012

I found this sweet vintage fabric yesterday while thrifting and flea market hunting. I am always on the lookout for retro and vintage sewing patterns, notions, fabric, and, ahem, machines. I have gotten to the point where my stash cabinet doors and drawers won’t close, and I have two too many machines (let’s not even go there with patterns). But who could resist 3 yards of this Fun-Shus fabric for only $2?

Sorry the pic is so dark and crummy, but I took it at night.

I am guessing that this is a 50s or early 60s fabric. It is a 39 inch selvage, and the company Fun-Shus sold shoes from sometime in the 50s through the 70s, from what I could find online. Do any of you know more about this? Wait, let me rephrase that. I don’t know diddly about vintage fabric, but I’d like to learn. Can any of you enlighten me on the age of this fabric?

Wouldn’t it be great as part of a play suit?

The fabric was kind of smelly and had some slight discoloration, but it soaked it to get the smell out, and I’ll probably wash it gently in the machine before I use it.

In other fun sewing news, I also found a bunch of new-old patterns yesterday. Prepare yourselves for another terrible photo….

I know I don’t need them, and I won’t keep them all, but I just can’t leave them in some dusty old bin along with cat applique old lady sweatshirt patterns.  They might be thrown away if they don’t sell- I found one local thrift shop was using them for *horror* WRAPPING GLASSWARE! So, it’s not really hoarding, it’s more like Social Services for Vintage Sewing Patterns. Yeah, that’s right.

I hope you are all having wonderful vintage sewing adventures too, in your parts of the world (just make sure you don’t accidentally wander on my turf! I kid, I kid! )!

    1. These are not the patterns I’m looking for.
      What is your address?
      Hey wait! Did you just try the Jedi Mind Trick on me?
      (No, it didn’t work, but was worth a try! :))

  1. You don’t need the little girl patterns. They aren’t what you’re looking for. But you want to give them to me because my girls will wear the dresses!

    1. Oh, you sew the nicest dresses for your girls! Alas, those two little girl patterns were among the ones I bought with a purpose- I have a daughter too! She is about the only other person I sew for!

  2. You can always run a giveaway or a swap to clear out the unwanted patterns- they’ll always be useful to someone even when they aren’t your taste. And it’s certainly better than just throwing them out or using them as wrapping tissue!

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