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1956 Timeline…Simplicity 1688

January 24, 2012

Following on from Time and Again’s bathing suit pattern from 1947 and her timeline suggestion here is a skirt from the 1956 timeline slot aka Simplicity 1688.

I made this about two or three years ago and was my first venture into vintage patterns.I haven’t really worn it this winter as I seem to have evolved into wearing maxi skirts which I find more comfortable…and as you can see from the picture this skirt makes me look very dumpy and middle aged! It is a pity I don’t wear it more as the fabric used is a nice handwoven wool and the weaver does not supply the shop that I buy most of my new fabric from.I don’t know if that is just down to cost or whether he has gone out of business.I did think I might cut it up and make a bag out of it.The blouse is also from the 50’s and is Simplicty 4530.

The picture was taken last June as part of  Me Made June 11 and was taken in a hurry… so forgive the washing hanging out on the line!

Both can be seen here and here.



  1. While I don’t agree that you look “dumpy and middle-aged” in this skirt, I can see why you have issues with it. Personally, before giving up on it, I would try raising the hem slightly (up to two inches) and pegging the sides very slightly. (If you notice on the pattern illustration, the skirts look slightly shorter than yours and the models are posed in such a way as to give a pegged effect.) Both alterations would do a lot to make it more flattering, and with that great fabric and fun button detail it seems worth a try.

    Oh, and I’d try it with a soft, dark-colored belt – everything looks less “dumpy” with a waist-defining belt!

  2. Thanks for posting this one!
    I love the idea of it being turned around to have the buttons at the back, but I can see that only working with some body types, and I am positive it is not mine! Great to see this one made up too!

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