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1951 Fashion Bureau

January 7, 2012

I’ve been lurking on Sew Retro for a while now – being inspired by everyone’s creations. I thought it was time to add one of my own.

Fashion Bureau 2559

I made this back around Easter of 2011. The pattern called it a โ€œjumper-dressโ€ โ€“ what I would call a pinafore. It came in an envelope labeled The Philadelphia Enquirer Fashion Bureau and has a postmark on it from September 1951. I assume it was a mail-order pattern from the newspaper.

Fashion Bureau 2559 cover

Fashion Bureau 2559 envelope

It was made from an old curtain which I got from ebay (about ยฃ10 for a pair I think – and I only used one of them).

It was my first time working with unmarked pattern pieces – just highlighted using holes in the very delicate tissue. I traced all the pieces onto modern paper. I guess you aren’t told every detail like you are in modern patterns – but it came out pretty well. I always get people asking about it when I wear it.


Here’s a better view of the front bodice detail.

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