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My Retro Red and Black Holiday Dress!

December 29, 2011

Well, I know Christmas has been over for a few days now, but I still wanted to post pictures of my festive dress that I made from the Butterick Retro 5556 design.  Like the blue silk dupioni version I made earlier this fall, this dress came together easily, though I did make a few changes to it.  In particular, I added a placket down the front and a “v” shaped inset panel for better fit and flair in the bodice.

I also used a ribbon as a removable belt along with an antique looking buckle from Dill Buttons.  The fabric was a red lame’ and black check, with velvet trim.  So between the velvet that crushes easily and the lame’ that melts if it gets too close to an iron, I had an awfully tricky project on my hands!  I ended up flat felling all the skirt seams, which served both to finish the raw edges and make the seams lay flat at the same time.


For better fitting in the bodice, I replaced the original darts with similarly sized tucks which are much more flattering for smaller people.

Once the dress was finished I was so excited to wear it!  Between Christmas events and the photo shoot, it has already been put to a lot of use in the last several days.

I have so enjoyed wearing this dress, and if you would like to see more pictures you can visit the Edelweiss Patterns blog

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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