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McCall’s 4866 (1975) View A

December 26, 2011

I finally got some sewing done! I had a lousy cold this weekend but I couldn’t waste four days off, right?

McCall’s 4866, View A (the blue dress at far left):

View A (blue dress at far left)

Which turned out like this!

The pockets aren't actually crooked, I swear.

I made some small changes:
1) Took it in one size above the waist.
2) Lowered the sleeve caps by an inch.
3) Lengthened the sleeves by two inches (one to make up for the loss of the sleeve cap, one because I have monkey arms)
4) Added patch pockets. This is more of a side-seam pocket type of dress but I had my heart set on patch pockets.

In the future I will:
1) Reduce the fullness of the sleeves. Very Seventies stylin’ but not very practical.
2) Add an inch or two to the hem. It looks longer here because of the photo angle but I did a 1/2 inch fold-over hem with hem tape and it hits me right at the knee. Just barely long enough.
3) Raise the bottom of the neck slit two inches(!!).
4) Take that extra inch of length back out of the sleeves.
5) Do a regular bound slit in the sleeve below the cuff. The instructions asked for this weird cut-away-a-section thing that was difficult to finish and left what I think is a weak point in a place that will be stressed if you roll up the sleeves.

Basically, though, I love this dress. It does have a self-tie for the waist but I like belts better.

Flickr set needs editing but it’s here. Mostly shots of awkward self-taught pattern grading.

  1. Looks good! I have a similar dress that I made with a 1970’s pattern too. Be careful with closing up that neckline, I’ve had to lower mine in order to get it over my head without that seam busting.

  2. I think I can spare quite a bit: The neckline as-is is below the bra line of all but one of my bras. (And, no, I’m not especially devoted to equestrian bras or anything.) It seems that somebody was into coy cleavage when s/he designed this.

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