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Last chance for Folkwear Entries, Google, and Buttons

December 14, 2011

Folkwear Giveaway

Just a quick reminder that the Folkwear pattern giveaway (where you can win whichever pattern you covet most from the Folkwear collection) closes tomorrow: December 15th.

If you’ve just joined us or haven’t entered yet, head over to this post to throw your hat in the ring.

Some of Folkwear's pattern collection


Our facebook fans can zone out now because they already know about the next two things…


Pretty please…

If you’ve got a Sew Retro or We Sew Retro link up on your blog, I love you. Madly. I love you so much I am knitting christmas sweaters for you in my mind.

But please take a minute to update any sidebar links to the new site because it has some important consequences for our traffic (and our traffic has consequences for your traffic…it’s a big circle of life thing…with less baboons and lions).

Anywhere you see in your sidebar widgets, change it to (or just replace what you have with the code from our sidebar) –>

Doing little link updating things like this is no fun – I know this because I asked previously and only 3 people actually did it ;). So this time I’m offering an incentive for anyone who needs a little push: 50% off any patterns here. Email me a link to your site and I’ll email you back the coupon code. The coupon code will expire 48 hours from the publish time of this post so I don’t go bankrupt (1AM CST on the 16th).


You, made of cheese. Imagine the glory…

We’ve had a bunch of different blog buttons over time, and you’re more than welcome to use any one you want (even the lime green one from waaaay back in the day). If you want to design your own, go for it! And if you design your own and share it on your blog for others to use, I will carve your likeness into a block of cheese and display it forevermore on my mantelpiece.


Follow us with Google Friend Connect

I’ve added a google friend connect widget for people who like to keep track of their blogs that way. Look over yonder —>


Ok, that’s it. See you tomorrow for the giveaway winner and keep your eyes peeled for a new featured member soon!

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