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December 30, 2011
Spadea Jumpsuit

Going through a box of vintage patterns today, I came across this Spadea jumpsuit from 1978 and nearly overlooked the major design feature.

Can you see it?

Spadea Jumpsuit

As the instructions cheerfully describe:

“Cleverly designed jumpsuit with hidden drop seat attached to belt. Invisible zippers make it impossible to detect while adding wearing comfort not found in other jumpsuit designs”

I’m trying desperately not to speculate on all the various reasons why having a trapdoor in your pants might be useful, but I’m left wondering: who was designer Blanche Evans and what horrors had she suffered at the hands of other jumpsuit designs? What incident led her to declare “No more! I must have instant access to my particulars!”

  1. I think it’s a great idea! Who wants to struggle with getting in and out of a jumpsuit in a cramped public toilet or somewhere like that?

    Mind you, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a jumpsuit anyway so it’s not really a personal problem.

  2. I don’t remember this pattern, or those that had a ‘back door’ but OMG I remember those jumpsuits! Have you ever been anywhere, like a public bathroom with one on. You had to strip to go to the bathroom, and there on the floor is your beautiful jumpsuit. And you certainly didn’t wear them out drinking at the bars, it was a recipe for certain disaster. My bet is the person that designed this had been out in one to the bar !! Oh memories!

  3. OMG!!! The only time I’ve ever seen that design feature is for long johns. I suppose in a cold climate, adding a union suit underneath would be the perfect foundation garment 🙂

  4. Doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me…………………………. I recall an incident (or near incident) with a culotte dress and a wet floor in a restaurant washroom, trying to hold up yards of slippery rayon…………………………… thank goodness there was no alcohol involved.

  5. As funny/silly as this pattern may look, I think the designer actually came up with a very clever way of dealing with a very real problem! Many years ago, I had a favorite pantsuit (dark green heavy jersey, with a long zip up the front and a belt with a plain round buckle…I can remember it the way you only remember the clothes that made you look and feel GOOD.
    I also remember trying to hang onto the belt and 2/3 of the entire garment while using a toilet.

  6. As bizzare as it looks, and yes, instantly brings to mind combination long-johns, I have to agree its a great solution to the call of nature issue! I’m a jumpsuit junkie (and halfway through sewing up a new jumpsuit – sans functional rear end) and would definitely consider trying this on a future make…

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