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Buttons, buttons and more buttons

December 18, 2011

Hi. Im Ywea and this is my first blog post here.  Nerd By Trade. I work in a comic book store. I have a passion for old dresses, nice hats, sewing and knitting.

Well, I’ve got buttons, lots of buttons.

I got these from from an apartment that I helped to the to clean a while ago.  I am so lucky to suddenly just get these things. The first thing I did was (of course) to pour the entire contents of the box all over the floor to look at every single button.

Although I do not really know what I’m going to use the buttons for,  I’m pretty sure there will be no problem to get god used them. It’s always nice to have some extra lying around. Especially when it is large amounts of beautiful vintage buttons .

buttons 9

buttons 7

buttons 6

buttons 4

buttons 2

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