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Vintage Fabric….Awesome

November 30, 2011

Hello All!

I recently had a revelation….that I could use vintage fabric to make garments with! I know a stroke of genius. I am slow, but when I finally discover something I get this feeling that I am the first person to every have such a notion (though I am probably the last)….well I got on Etsy and Ebay a couple weeks back and I went browsing for some vintage fabric, in a large enough usable quantity and I stumbled upon these gems:

This is 100% Silk that I bought from a woman in Germany and I was told that it is from the 1980s. It was a bit over 3 yards long and in perfect condition and I got it for a good price. My Mr. told me not to buy it since he thought it was ugly, at least he’s honest (lol). In my opinion it is very visually interesting and I think the colors are perfect for this time of year so I ignored his advice and went ahead and snapped it up. My favorite part is that the selvedges are stamped 100% Seide (silk in German) in gold lettering.  I think the reason he thought it was ugly was because I had him comparing it to this:

I love this!….a vintage Silk Organza. When I saw it listed, for the price it was at, I had to have it. It is so beautiful and when I recieved it in the mail it was even more gorgeous….it has this lovely sheen and though it is relatively stiff it still manages to drape and flow so elegantly. The sellers listed it as being “Mid-Century”, 50s & 60s I guess, do you agree? It is 4 yards long and almost 60″ wide, it is a HUGE piece and I don’t have plans for it as yet, it is special and I want to save it for the right dress, but I have turned my German silk into:

This is not a vintage pattern but since I used vintage fabric I think it qualifies as retro sewing. I am very pleased with how this  dress project is coming along, I am very close to completion. The pattern was super easy, fun and I think it shows off the fabric beautifully…for more details about this dress as well as the fabrics please visit my blog and leave comments if your so inclined I love to meet new (to me) bloggers and sewists. Plus, to see pictures of my vintage sewing pattern Haul please visit here.



  1. I think the German silk is fabulous. It reminds me that I need to work with prints more.
    I love this dress, it’s beautiful! Also, the shape of this dress is so classic, it doesn’t matter that the pattern isn’t vintage. Depending on how you accessorize it, it will read as vintage, anyway.

  2. I love the Silk Organza one. I can imagine a million uses for it and can’t wait to see what you do – make sure you post it! I would think that it’s possibly not at old as the seller said though – most fabric from the 50’s and 60’s were only 42″ to 44″. This of course is only a guide but it was the most normal width in this era.

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