1. This turned out really nicely. I think the fabric choice is great- the way you altered the direction of the fabric on the front panel really adds visual interest. Great job!

  2. I love the buttons on the collar! I totally think you should wear it to work. It would also be interesting to see this dress with the fabrics reversed, so the bulk of it is plain and the collar plaid.

    Your daughter is so cute – I love it when little people insist on getting into the photoshoot 😀

  3. When I made this pattern I chose bright yellow and black, so you’re color choices were MUCH MUCH better than mine! I think you did a good job and it would be something you can wear out again

  4. I’m really loving the collar detail! I really like how the grey just pops out against the plaid. It’s such a lovely dress on you! I would wear it proudly if I were you, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I remember seeing your post some time back and thinking how jealous I was of your dress. It’s so darn cute! … Alas, went to a reuse store the other day and picked up this pattern. JUST NOW realized it’s the same ‘darn cute’ dress pattern. … I am so happy now 🙂 Thanks for your post. It gives me inspiration with this pattern.

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