The nemesis dress!

November 28, 2011

This guy nearly never got finished….but i really don’t give up easily. And so I have dubbed it my nemesis, because on so many occasions it nearly bested me, until finally i did it!

The pattern is one from the 40s i think although i dont know any more than this- anyone?

see how pretty it could have been?

After all the trouble it cause dme i think i’ll have to wear it, although i’m not sure i like it at all!

Read more about all the trouble it gave me on my blog.

  1. I like it.

    In terms of date of the pattern – what is the postmark on the envelope say (they tend to be pretty close to it) design wise I would guess early 40’s and put my bid in at 1942 to select a random year.

    Good on you for sticking it out and getting to the end, more often then not on my nemisis outfits they wind up on the UFO pile that I will sort through maybe once every year and finish about a 10th of it in each go through.

  2. I like the dress! I’m not sure about the wide belt though, it kinda shortens you and the look could make you appear really long and lean if you self belted with a narrow belt.
    good on you for finishing the dress, even if you pass it on.

  3. Why wouldn’t you wear it? it is a lovely dress (nice fabric too!) Maybe Kelly is right about the self belt but it’s not necessary.

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