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Simplicity 3213

November 8, 2011

Hi everyone!

I’m very glad to find a community of like-minded sewists! I’m no stranger to sewing, having been taught as a child from my mother who used to make all our clothing. However I’ve been on a 12 or so year hiatus from garment creation, so I’m trying to wade back in and brush up my rusty sewing skills.

I decided to kick-start some serious garment construction by sewing for my daughter first (obviously I’m putting off having to address fit issues when sewing for myself!) I figured the instant gratification would make me inspired to do more. Of course it turned out not to be instant gratification (it’s very difficult to sew with a 21 month old demanding all your attention) but I took my time and I feel moderately happy with the result and I would love to share it with you all.

I used Simplicity 3213, which is a super adorable scalloped sun dress with a matching bolero, bonnet and bloomers:

I know we’re in Autumn, and it’s a 3T while my daughter is only 21 months old – but I couldn’t stop thinking about it once the pattern was in my hands.

I used vintage cottons from 1950 that I felt complimented each other perfectly.

My daughter’s idea of modelling is to run around and jump – so here is an action shot!

Both the dress and bolero are too big for her (the dress is tied tight to fit the front), but hopefully by the time Summer rolls around, it will fit better!

Rather than posting too many photos, please feel free to see more photos on my blog.
Thank you for looking!

    1. It’s a great pattern, and I don’t think it’s going to be too difficult to grade up a size or two. The dress is actually a length I’d let my daughter wear now – which makes me worry about it being too short when she fits into the rest of it. My daughter is somewhat big for her age, but I forget that toddler dresses back in the day were SUPER SHORT!

  1. Wow, this vintage dress is just as awesome as you said. It is exactly a super adorable scalloped sun dress with a matching bolero, bonnet and bloomers. The colors are matched in a quite harmonious way. It is so lovely. By the way, your daughter is super cute! If I were you, I would always be willing to dress her up and take photos which would make others jealous. Ha-ha.

    1. Thank you! I’m always willing to dress her up and take photos….but whether she’s willing, or stays still enough for my dodgy old camera to capture a photo is a different story all together! 😀

    1. Believe me, you’re not the only adult who has said that! I’m actually looking around for something close to an adult version of this dress to make one for myself so we can be matchy-moo come Spring/Summer.

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